Latest Updates

11/12/2017 Dr. Chen has just received a mini-grant award to promote Chinese language and culture at Eastern Kentucky University!

10/13/2017 Dr. Chen will be teaching Physiological Psychology (PSY 311) during winter term this year. Sign up before it’s too late!

08/26/2017 Dr. Chen is teaching PSY 309W and PSY 200 online this Fall. The LET lab is currently conducting several studies on reading processes, growth mindset, and online disinhibition effect. Please contact Dr. Chen if you are interested in joining the lab.

08/01/2017 Dr. Chen’s work was featured on the Society for the Teaching of Psychology’s website. Here is the link to Dr. Chen’s article.

5/16/2017 Dr. Chen will be teaching PSY 309W Research Methods and PSY 317 Cognitive Psychology this summer.

5/1/2017 Dr. Chen will be presenting his findings about incorporating gamified elements into teaching at the annual Human Factors and Ergonomics Conference 

5/1/2017 Dr. Chen will be presenting his findings about the strategic usage of small groups at the annual Pedagogicon Conference